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The Core Advantages of Uvink

Uvink company is a professional R & D and manufacturing inkjet ink company, our main purpose are researching, developing and selling of inkjet printer and inkjet ink. Uvink ink master core technology, and creating of “Uvink” brand. either water-based or solvent based ink, we can developquickly and also create new ink to meet the needs of customers. The spirit ofUvink ink company is"Research and development to create the future". and enlisted the top technicians in the jet field who have more than ten years experience . Besides Uvink can master the pulse of the market about productquickly, also can developed a new type of inkat any time.Using the latest science and technology research to create new product value, and create a new field of the inkjet, construct the core competitive advantage of the enterprise.

Excellent quality guarantee and services

We have strict quality control with large -scale production, and we equiped with high accuracy of senior precision analysis instrument and high efficient R&D, imported production machines. And produce the ink under no dust and constant temperature and humidity plant. Follow-up packaging is used half automation equipment, let full production process can control products quality. And we are cultivating our technicians to develop their full ability. Under the consistent standardized workflow and ISO 9001 quality spirit, our production, quality, stability are impeccable. Uvink company have provided ink worldwide, and provide total solution of the full range of services to enhance the value and demand for industrial products, to create the most complete, highest economic value and benefits of the product.

Respect environmental protection

As the core of research and development, Uvink company respect the earth's ecological benefit , confirming its contents all does not contain any substances on human and environmental health obviously harmful as the goal.to ensure in the development and each knotofproducing., Such as the latestcold sublimation technologyresearch of environmental textile special ink,  not only increase the life of print head on the formulation of environmental protection , and reduces the consumption and resource waste. It is to find a perfect balance in commodity and environment. Uvink company concern each products all from environment, looking forward using new science and technology to create environmentally friendly, economy products.